So I recently went to a birthday party thrown by a friend and I was so impressed with the details that I asked if I could blog about it.  I thought it was really creative and fun!  So here it is......
This was such an easy concept but looked so great!  She tied streamers around green balloons and glued eyes on them.  Brilliant!!  What a great way to make a huge impact without spending a lot of money.
The cake was so cool and was baked by our friend Julie from Bakers Maam.  She also made the fun cake pops below.
These water bottle label printables were creative and had a fun label on the back...see below.
Little touches like Ninja Turtle napkins and green plates kept the theme consistent. 
The party favours were boxes filled with candied popcorn.  Yum!
Candied Popcorn!
Pizza Slice fun!
It was a fun party and full of cute little details that made it extra special for the Birthday Boy!!
Stacy Nichols
5/13/2014 11:00:13 pm

I LOVE the ninja turtles water bottles. Any idea where I could find these for my sons party? Thanks


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