These are the cutest little cupcakes and they were super easy.  You will need: Cake Mix, Whipped Frosting, Shredded Coconut, Mini Eggs and Cupcake Liners.  Yes I know there are those people who bake everything from scratch and make a lovely homemade buttercream frosting......I say 'Good for them!!' lol.  Today I was just trying to make cute boxed mix and ready-made frosting did the trick for me.  Feel free to substitute for your own recipes to make them extra special.
Bake your cupcakes as per the instructions. We made mini cupcakes as well as medium sized cupcakes.  You can make whichever you prefer or a mixture of both.
Put your coconut on a cookie tray and toast it in the oven on 300 Degrees for about five minutes and then turn it and toast for another 5 minutes until it is golden.
Frost your cupcakes making sure you get all the edges as well.
Sprinkle your coconut over the top and around the edges.
Pat it lightly so it sticks.
Place your mini egg on top and press it into the cupcake slightly.  For a mini cupcake you will use one mini egg.
For larger cupcakes you will need to use three mini cute!
They were so easy and tasted yummy.  We made some with confetti cake and some with lemon cake.  I think that the lemon and coconut are a nice combination......but kids love the confetti cake as well.
So this weekend we threw a 13th birthday bash!!!  Six girls for a sleepover party!  It was so much fun.  Here is a little taste of the fun they had.........
My loot bags did double duty as decoration for our birthday table.  The colourful cellophane was bright and added lots of colour.  We threw in a few party crackers and some birthday tiaras to add to the fun.  The cake was made by my friend Jenn from Heavenly Sweets and had one layer of chocolate and one layer of vanilla.  We threw some chocolate covered cheesecake bites on the table because the birthday girl loves cheesecake!!

The Food..............

Teens are pretty easy to feed...........junk, junk, and more junk.

The Loot............

The loot bags were super easy and I got everything I needed at Dollarama.  The cute boxes were perfect for filling with goodies and the cellophane made it look extra special.  They ended up costing about $7 each, which I thought was pretty good.  See below for the pre-wrapped pics.

The Mocktail Bar.......................

Okay so this was definitely the biggest hit of the party........we got three different "non-alcoholic" flavour mixes and a bottle of grenadine and some pop and juice and let the girls create their own custom mocktails.  The mixes came from our local Zehrs grocery store and we picked up little cocktail swords and umbrellas at Dollarama.  We sliced up some garnishes.......and Voila.........hours of fun!

The Party..............

The girls played Wii, made mocktails, munched on pizza and goodies, danced, sang, made videos, opened pressies, had cake and watched a couple of movies before crashing for the night. 

The next morning..........breakfast awaits.

So in the morning the girls awoke to a little breakfast buffet.  Again I used the party favours to decorate my table.  I got triple duty out of those favours!  The breakfast buffet consisted of Purple Pancake Stacks (the birthday girl's favourite colour), Mini Eggos Stacks with banana and chocolate chips, froot loops and orange juice.  Super easy!
We used the extra garnishes left over from the Mocktail bar to make the orange juice look extra special.
Putting the Fruit Loops in little plastic wine glasses made them look so cute!!
Purple Pancake Stacks...........yum!
Mini Eggo Stacks.  I had hoped to put Nutella in here too but time was not on my side.  I put a banana slice in between and topped with whipped cream and some chocolate easy.  Chocolate shavings would also have been a nice alternative.
A good time was had by all.........yes even the grown-ups enjoyed it.  The clean-up....not so much......but the party was fun!