Dear Isla,

I want you to know how much I love our mornings.  Every morning I get you all to myself and it's the nicest part of my day.  I savour every moment of it.  This morning I loved opening your door and seeing your sweet little eyes peering over the top of your crib; and watching that infectious smile take over your baby face when you realized that mommy was there to take you into "the big bed" for your morning bottle.

I was never a morning lover but now I look so forward to the first half hour of every day with you; it's filled with lazy cuddles and tired smiles.  I love the way you stare at me when you are having your morning bottle and the way your little hands can barely hold it because you are still so sleepy.  I am grateful that when I help you with that bottle you are still so little that you want every bit of help I have to offer.  I love that you are getting independent enough to meet some of your own needs but you still love when your mommy helps.

I can't resist nibbling on your baby toes and love the way you put your other little foot in front of my face because you don't want it to be left out of the fun.  I giggle every time you tiredly flop over and bury your face in the duvet like a little ostrich, until you can't breathe and need to shoot up quickly for air.  I love the way your eyes are so wide in the morning, almost like you are discovering everything for the first time; and how every so often, you catch a glimpse of your hand and it is so fascinating that you study it intently.  I love the way you just throw yourself on my chest and then cuddle in.  I love the way you call out "TOBE!" when you realize that you haven't seen our little dog Toby yet and the smile that comes over your face when his little dog tags jingle on his way over to our bed.  He's not too sure about you yet but he still comes every morning when you call him.

I think my favourite part of our morning is when you start to feel more awake and the beautiful sound of your baby babble fills the room.  I don't know what you are trying to say but it doesn't matter.....I get you.  The pitch of your tiny voice melts my heart and I get glimpses of what your little voice will sound like when you learn to say "I love you".

I love that for a half hour in the morning there is nowhere either of us would rather be than in our little cocoon doing absolutely nothing together.  It's a little bit of bliss to start,what is usually, a very busy and tiring day.  Thank you for being so sweet, so awesome, so funny and so perfect for our family.  You are my little angel (in the morning  Mommy loves you!

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