I love seeing houses all decked out for the Holidays.  Okay I admit it.... I am the owner of the car that, ever so slowly, creeps past your window at night.  I am admiring your Tree and trying to catch a glimpse of the other decor you have adorned your house with.  I'm a bit of a 'Christmas Creeper'; so I though I would even the scales by inviting you into our home to have a peek.  I've included this year's Christmas decor and a little of last year's as well.  Enjoy.

We decided to go with a Pink and Blue theme this year as it tied in nicely with our art. The decor in our dining room is pretty minimalistic.....just a pink pointsetta and a vase with branches and snowflakes.  Just enough in my opinion. 
Our Great Room......I think my favourite addition to this room over the holidays are the hanging snowflake tealight holders hanging from the ceiling.  They just feel magical.
We have always had a white tree in this house.....it just seemed to go with the house.  This year we decided to go with a green tree and I am just not quite sure yet.  I still put up my white tree in the other room.......couldn't leave the poor thing in a box.  There is just something special about a white tree.  I'll show you photos of the white one further down.
This has nothing to do with decor, but I just couldn't resist including a photo of the mug of hot chocolate you would be offered if you were sitting infront of our fireplace!
The feather trees on the piano are whimsical and fun.  A friend recently told me that everytime she looks at them she thinks of Dr. Suess's "Whoville".  I love that!
Can I tell you how much I love Dollarama?  I got these three white wreaths there and these giant snowflakes.  The wreaths are stuck to the middle of the mirror with command hooks (awesome) and the snowflakes are hanging from fishing wire (also attached to a command hook on the window frame).   The person who invented command hooks is a genius!  Gone are the days of putting holes all over your walls to decorate for the Holidays.
Love candles all over the house during the holidays.  The broken glass vases shimmer so beautifully with candles in them.
These beautiful Pointsettas were only 50 cents each at Dollarama.  I used them to spruce up my garland and wreaths.
Again, thank you Dollarama for this fab wreath.  I just put  a couple pointsettas on it to give it a bit more interest.
This dish is usually filled with shells through the rest of the year.....we just threw some pretty ornaments on top.
Thanks for visiting!  Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season from our family to yours!
12/15/2012 12:26:31 am

Your house looks beautiful...as always! You definitely have a knack for decorating and bringing out all the festive feelings of the holiday season!

12/15/2012 03:49:47 am

Your home is lovely George.

12/15/2012 07:12:38 am

Beautiful as always ; )

Joanne Iafrate
12/15/2012 11:15:07 am

Love it , enjoy

Love it, enjoy

12/16/2012 09:20:58 am

beautiful! Georgina, your house looks gorgeous!

12/16/2012 11:36:31 am

christmastastic ...love love love it all!!!


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