These are the cutest little cupcakes and they were super easy.  You will need: Cake Mix, Whipped Frosting, Shredded Coconut, Mini Eggs and Cupcake Liners.  Yes I know there are those people who bake everything from scratch and make a lovely homemade buttercream frosting......I say 'Good for them!!' lol.  Today I was just trying to make cute boxed mix and ready-made frosting did the trick for me.  Feel free to substitute for your own recipes to make them extra special.
Bake your cupcakes as per the instructions. We made mini cupcakes as well as medium sized cupcakes.  You can make whichever you prefer or a mixture of both.
Put your coconut on a cookie tray and toast it in the oven on 300 Degrees for about five minutes and then turn it and toast for another 5 minutes until it is golden.
Frost your cupcakes making sure you get all the edges as well.
Sprinkle your coconut over the top and around the edges.
Pat it lightly so it sticks.
Place your mini egg on top and press it into the cupcake slightly.  For a mini cupcake you will use one mini egg.
For larger cupcakes you will need to use three mini cute!
They were so easy and tasted yummy.  We made some with confetti cake and some with lemon cake.  I think that the lemon and coconut are a nice combination......but kids love the confetti cake as well.

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