My work had a Halloween Fundraiser Party and my contribution was the cake and a couple of punches.  It was tons of fun to play around with the Halloween Theme!!

Here are the cake inspiration pics I got off of Pinterest.......

I decided on a chocolate cake with an orange buttercream filling....yummy.  A friend of mine was generous enough to offer her time to help me with the cake.  If it wasn't for her, this cake never would have turned out so well!!  Thanks Jenn!! 
I purchased a few packages of cobwebs that came with a handful of spiders in each and they were perfect for the cake.  They had circular grips on the back that are used for hooking them onto the webs....they worked perfectly as they pushed right into the cake.
So here it is.........our Halloween Orange Spider Wed Cake!!
This punch was just frozen Grape Punch....nothing spectacular but the colour was perfect.  I used the packages of cobwebs to cover the containers in webs to give them that spooky vibe.  The labels were super easy to make....I have included the design at the end of this post.
The Witches Brew Punch was made with Lemonade and Green Food Colouring.
The labels for the punches were super easy to make.  My hubby did a google search and found a couple of stock images and used those with a font called Herculaneum. We printed them on regular paper and they stained them with a wet tea bag and burnt the edges.....and Voila!!  It took less than 5 minutes.  Here is the design below so you can make them yourself.
10/28/2012 10:59:16 am

You are amazing! I love this cake.


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