So my Baby Girl turned one and we had a nice party for her.  I couldn't decide on a theme for the longest time and kept changing my mind.  Nothing I picked seem to really come together when I started thinking about it.  So I decided to just choose colours that I and turquoise.  I also knew that I wanted a cake with roses iced on it so decided to run with here are some photographs of our Pink and Turquoise Rose themed party. 
My friend Amanda made these gorgeous cookies.  Beautiful roses on top of yummy sugar cookies....heaven!  Honestly, they were almost too pretty to eat.  I said ...  "almost" :)
My other friend Jenn made these delightful cupcakes (and our gorgeous cake).  These were so cute and the paper printables were a nice touch.  I found those printables on line for free!!  Amazing right?  They made the sweet table look extra special.
Yet another friend of mine, Julie, made these adorable cake pops and the ones in the pic below as well.  The pink were vanilla pops and the turquoise were chocolate pops.  I just filled a vase with jelly beans and placed was so easy and made a great impact.  Again, those printables added a nice finishing touch!
The gorgeous little rose shaped meringues were made by the same talented friend who made the cake pops.......she also made the tasty macaroons in the picture below!  The meringues tasted like little bites of cotton candy and the macaroons were so delicate and light...perfect.
Now everyone has to cut corners sometimes......but I like to try to fake it so everyone thinks I worked long and hard on every detail.  Well the next two pictures are examples of sweet little ideas that took virtually no effort!  These two bite brownies were purchased from Walmart and then iced with little rose designs to 'fancy them up'.  The truth is that I didn't even have to ice them because one of those super talented friend's of mine did it for me!  Thanks Jenn!
These Coconut Marshmallow Treats.....biggest cheat of them all.  I bought these in a large sized bag from Walmart and put them on a plate and stuck sticks from Bulk Barn in them....Voila!  I had hoped to tie pretty ribbon in a little bow on these sticks.......but time just ran out....I still think they look pretty cute.  I got the cute little plate at Dollarama.....what a deal....and it matched my colours too :)
The drinks were tasty and displayed in plastic juice containers I purchased at Costco.  I just wrapped some ribbon around them and used one of those free printables.  One was just pink lemonade (perfect for my colour theme) and the other was a mixture of yellow lemonade and blue-rasberry flavoured Kool-Aid........made the perfect turquoise colour!
Now here is something I normally would not have done but they came as part of the free printables obviously I couldn't just throw them away.  These mini chocolate wrappers and water bottle wraps were so sweet that I just couldn't resist!
I put old fashioned watermelon candies in this rose dish.  Why you ask?  Just because the dish is so darn pretty and I had to use it for something!  The candies were pretty tasty!
The party favours were bubbles.  We just wrapped them in one single roll of tissue paper and tied the ends with ribbon.  In the end they kind of looked like bonbons.  It wasn't intentional.....but it looked cute!   I picked them up at Walmart for $1 each (bargain!).  The kiddies had a blast with them.  They were in long tubes and a huge wand for the fun....bubbles everywhere!
I have to give a shout out to IKEA.  I purchased my backdrop there (you can see it well in the next picture of the cake) and it worked out really well.  It is actually a throw blanket but it was just so pretty and looked like little white I thought it might work.  I also got these cute little plant pots from there for super cheap.  I loved the lace detail and on them and thought they worked perfectly for cutlery and napkins.  All the cutlery and pretty napkins were from Dollarama.......I loves me a bargain!
Now for the big hit of the party................the cake!!  It was so beautiful on the outside and the inside was two-toned pink, with the most amazing  raspberry and white chocolate flavour.
Of course no first birthday party is complete without the smash cute!
Well okay....if you are going to twist my are a couple of pics of her enjoying that pretty little smash cake while everyone watched.  She's such a little ham!
We set up a photograph of Isla's cake smash session (which we did a week before her birthday) on a pretty easel.  It looked perfect sitting next to her newly painted pink high chair.  My sister in-law bought the high chair for us on a recent trip to Scotland and when we got back I took it on as a little project.  That's a whole other blog post that I will share with you sometime.  A little bit of pink spray paint and some fabric paint for the straps really transformed this highchair.  I was really happy with how it turned out.
Here's a better look at the Smash Cake Storyboard that was displayed in the frame....
We also made a little Gallery of Isla in our front hallway.  We already had picture shelves there (which we use to display family pictures) so we emptied them and added pictures of our little princess from different stages of the first year of her life.  Here is what the wall looked like........
While we are talking about photographs of Isla...I just can't resist showing you (close up) the ones we just had taken of her for her first birthday by the very talented Deborah Chambers.
So that's it folks....I am all done.  Well....... until next year anyway ;)  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Oh yeah.....after the party, right before bed, she took her first few steps!  What a great day it was.  Thank you to all our friends and family for celebrating with us!
Amanda Dufour
8/19/2012 08:25:08 pm

Amazing, stunning! You really know how to throw a party!


8/19/2012 10:53:16 pm

OMG....i love her and these pictures. I am sorry i couldn't make it. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

8/19/2012 11:51:13 pm

As usual Georgina .... Every thing has a purpose. It looked amazing. Happy 1st birthday Isla.

8/20/2012 07:04:00 am

It was a great party Georgina! The sweets were all yummy - and I didn't get to see the photos in the house in person it looks adorable!!!

Teresa Pontieri
8/20/2012 07:05:22 am

WOW, Georgina .. this is awesome. Glad everything worked out great for you guys, including the weather. Im sorry I wasnt able to make it.

PS your daughter is soo adorable, shes a precious little munchkin!

8/20/2012 09:10:13 am

So I will have to hire you to organize Bella's next birthday! Everything was so beautiful especially Isla! Looks like she had a blast:-)

8/21/2012 08:03:05 am

Beautiful! Georgina you really outdid yourself! Now I am even more sad that we couldn't make it!!!

Auntie Andrea
8/21/2012 11:33:12 am

Ohh Georgina how I love you and youre family so! :) what a gorgeous day and a gorgeous little chicken :)

love you always!

8/21/2012 12:55:05 pm

EVERYTHING looks amazing! Good job Georgina! Isla looks like she had a great time - love the pics!


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