Welcome to The ladybug Picnic!!

So we decided on a Ladybug theme for Isla's birthday and thought that a picnic would be a fun way to celebrate.  So we made pre-packaged picnic foods and provided baskets for everyone to make themselves a picnic.  Guests were asked to bring a picnic blanket for their families.  Enjoy the beautiful photos taken by SN Photography.

Everybody started by grabbing a plate and basket and filling their basket full of yummy premade picnic foods.

Picnic foods for the Little Bugs..........

These were Lunchables that we made labels for and transformed into "Kid's Picnic Packs".  We just removed the cardboard cover and replaced with our own label.  A genius idea given to me by a friend...great idea Jenn!
There were little bags to fill with Goldfish and Honey Grahams and pre wrapped fruit snacks, Jello cups and chips.
I made little ciabatta buns with fresh cheddar cheese in them for the kiddies.

Picnic Foods for the Big Bugs........

The "Bug"uettes were a variation of Turkey & Swiss, Mortadella & Provolone and Ham & Cheddar.  We served Potato, Pasta and Bean Salads and little containers of cucumber, tomato and carrots (Veggie Gardens).  We also served Kentucky Fried Chicken at our picnic!!
We came up with cute little themed nicknames
to call all of our drinks

The Sweet Stuff....

The cake, cupcakes and brownies were made by Jenn from Heavenly Sweets.  The Ladybug oreos and pretzels and all of the cake pops were made by Julie from Bakers Ma'am.  The cookies were made by Michelle from Michelle's Cookies.  Everything was so beautiful and tasted so yummy.  I also want to say a big thank you to my friend Janice who showed up early to lend  a hand.  Without her, the dessert table would not have looked so amazing!  Thanks ladies for making the party extra special.

The Fun Stuff.........

We set up a cookie decorating station with sugar cookies shaped like lady bugs, red icing and black smarties.  We also had wooden ladybug and daisy magnets for the kids to decorate.  Oh yeah...and a Ladybug Piñata full of yummy sweets!!!
Some of the parents probably didn't love that we let the kids go crazy with red icing.......but come on....Avrie looks pretty cute!!!

Ethan spent lots of time on his ladybug magnet...pretty impressive!!!

We had ladybug tattoos and stickers and little ladybug necklace charms for the kids too!!  There were ladybugs everywhere.  ladybug balls, ladybug water toys and a large board for photos and a ladybug bean bag toss.  It was fun!

The Party Favours.......

These daisy sugar cookies were placed in a styrofoam ball to fill the pot and topped with chocolate pebbles from Bulk Barn.  Yes those rocks are edible!!!  They looked so real and tasted soooo yummy.

Enjoy this slide show of our Ladybug Picnic Birthday Party.....

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5/27/2014 07:48:25 am

This is seriously the cutest ladybug picnic I've seen by far! The labels you made are adorable.

6/21/2014 03:31:57 pm

where did you get all of the food containers and wrappings?

2/20/2017 11:34:16 am

hello! what a beautiful party theme! my son will be turning 1 in a few months and we will be having it at the park. What are the container sizes for the fruit, and salads?
and do you happen to have the website of where they were purchased?
Thank you!!!

8/16/2017 10:18:39 am

So adorable and creative! Thank you for being the inspiration behind my daughter's third birthday coming up. You did a fantastic job.


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