So here's another 'oldie but goodie' from before my blogging days.  Just before Christmas I hosted a Tutu Making night at my place.  I joined a local group for moms called "Momstown" and the ladies rock!  I was pretty new to Momstown at the time and since I love to have people over, I decided that hosting a craft night would be a great way to get to know all the members better.  The plan was to make little tutus to give our princesses for Christmas.  It was soooo much fun!  Everyone brought a yummy appetizer and well let's just say that what was supposed to be a two hour event turned into four hours.  What can I say.....yummy food, yards of tulle, silk flowers, rhinestone embellishments and a bunch of chatty mamas made for a great night of entertainment!  So here are some of the highlights..........................

First we chose our tulle colours and built a flower for our tutu.
We set up a flower station so everyone could build their own flower.  To be honest, I just laid out ready made flowers but my super creative sister in-law (who was luckily visiting from Scotland at the time) came up with the fab idea to take them all apart so we could build multi-coloured flowers.  Amazing way to spruce up flowers you get at the Dollar Store.
Once our mamas chose their tulle and built their flower, they picked up a co-ordinating ribbon and chose from tons of rhinestone embellishments.  I thought glittery butterflies would be a nice addition to the tutus.....turns out nobody thought so because those glittery wings didn't make an appearance on any of the finished tutus :)
So.... two colours of tulle, a pretty flower and fun ribbon.....let the tutu making begin!!!
We started by rolling our tulle and cutting it into strips.
I got the instructions from a great Tutu Making tutorial on You Tube.  It was so easy!! 
If you want to give it a try here is the link.

Here are some of the finished Tutus!!

It was such a fun night and big hugs go out to my sister in-law Karen who got all of our creative juices flowing!

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